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Mission Statement

The B2 Institute is a think tank and research incubator that addresses scientific Grand Challenges whose solutions require the combined expertise of a broad range of scientific fields and diverse interdisciplinary talents. Building upon The University of Arizona's reputation as a trailblazer in interdisciplinary research, it provides a non-traditional structure that facilitates interaction. Its current focal points include the water energy nexus, STEM education, and ultimately the development of interconnected ‘Discovery Ecosystems’ that will facilitate collaborations toward the solution of major problems.

Call for Proposals

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Input from the international scientific community is being solicited to develop the programmatic thrust of the new B2 Institute. With this announcement the B2 Institute Steering Committee is calling for program proposals in areas of scientific "Grand Challenges" where interdisciplinary activities, broadly defined, can result in significant progress or indicate new directions for progress on the major scientific questions of our day. Proposals can be for month-long or multi-month-long programs at the Institute, as well for workshops lasting a few days to a few weeks.