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Welcome to Biosphere 2

The world's largest controlled environment dedicated to understanding the impacts of climate change. 

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Students compile data to yield insights into plant growth

The University of Arizona Biosphere 2’s research and development team at the Landscape Evolution Observatory, including three student workers, are installing and will reap data from new imaging equipment.
May 22, 2024

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World-Class Research

World Class Research

Discover how we're answering the world's most complex questions of today and tomorrow about sustainability, environmental conservation and our impact on our planet.


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Education Programs

Learn how Biosphere 2's education programs and outreach impact everyone from the seasoned graduate student to the curious kindergartener.


NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)


The World's Largest Earth Science Experiment

Discover the world in a 3.14-acre laboratory with active research systems spanning from ocean to desert environments and so much more.

Dive into the Ocean

We’ve gone headfirst into revitalizing our ocean system to be a premier research space for coral reef restoration. Learn about the revitalization process that’s currently taking place.

Dive In

Take Shelter in the Rain Forest

We know that rain forest plants have a lot to tell us about the world’s ecosystem. We use this system to listen carefully and inform integral changes to adapt to climate change.


Discover the Desert

Our desert is uniquely set apart from the Sonoran desert that houses it. Designed to simulate an arid desert scrub ecosystem, the Biosphere 2 desert brings the coastal desert experience to you.

Get Lost Among the Mangroves

Take a trip to the tropics with our mangroves at Biosphere 2. This system allows us to look closely at two key types of wetlands and put plans to action for restoring these systems in the wild.

Uncover History in the Savanna

Explore the savanna and learn the history of how this system served as a hydrological transition zone designed to balance atmospheric chemistry between two uniquely different environments: the desert and the rain forest.

Experience Biosphere 2

Traverse the World of Biosphere 2

Explore our facility at your own pace with the Biosphere 2 tour app. Get access to rich history, never-before-seen photos, and a deep understanding of current research initiatives and their potential impact, all while staying socially distant and safe among other visitors.

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