Selina Littler

Instructional Specialist

I very much enjoy my job here at Biosphere 2. As an Instructional Specialist Sr., I oversee and schedule the Interpretive Specialist Team. I’m one of several Interpretive Specialists guides who share with visitors our research content, science, and the history of Biosphere 2. It’s so fulfilling when you are able to interact with an audience who want to learn and are engaged in finding out about what we’re doing here now as a research facility, and are also interested in our historic evolution. 

Additionally, my job can include a wide variety of other interesting and sometimes unusual tasks ranging from assisting in our Visitor Center to relocating a rattlesnake off the visitor path now and then. 

Biosphere 2 is truly a fun and unique place to work (and to visit!), both inside the biomes and outside! There is so much to see and discover every time I come to work that each day I look forward to sharing this place with every person who comes to explore Biosphere 2, so plan your visit soon!